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CAD Services

Digitize, Store, Retrieve your designs with Paper to CAD Conversion

Are you finding it difficult to digitize and store your legacy designs safely? Finding enough storage space, keeping designs and blueprints safe from moisture, damage, pests are common struggles faced by designers and manufacturing firms. Though it is obvious that the solution is digitization, you might not have the time or the bandwidth to convert all legacy designs to digital CAD files.

If time and resource crunch is impeding the conversion of your legacy designs to easy-to-store and retrievable digital CAD files, reach out to CAD Drafting Team. Our Paper to CAD Conversion Services can transform your paper-based designs into precise, editable, and multi-platform compatible CAD formats. This addresses the challenge of managing out-dated documentation, streamlining your design process to enhance collaboration.

Paper to CAD Conversion Services We Offer

With over 14 years of CAD expertise, our engineers redefine Paper to CAD Conversion with meticulous workflows, ensuring seamless transition from traditional paper documentation to precision-engineered CAD formats. Here are some of the top services we offer:

  • Scanning and Digitizing Paper Drawings

    Entrust us with your paper-based designs, blueprints, and sketches, and witness the seamless transformation into digital formats. Our adept team utilizes state-of-the-art scanning equipment, ensuring the precise capture of every detail. By embracing a systematic digitization process, we guarantee high-quality output for your engineering projects, for enhanced collaboration and streamlined workflows.

  • Conversion into Editable CAD Files

    Improve your design flexibility with our services as we convert scanned paper drawings into fully editable CAD files, including industry-standard formats like DWG, DXF, and more. This helps you overcome the constraints of static paper documents, with dynamic digital designs that empower your team to iterate, modify, and innovate with ease. Unlock a new realm of possibilities and accelerate your design cycles with our unparalleled CAD file conversion expertise.

  • Cleaning and Organizing CAD Files

    We go beyond mere conversion by optimizing usability. Our meticulous approach involves cleaning and organizing the converted CAD files, ensuring they are structured for maximum efficiency. Experience the ease of organizing and collaboration as we classify and categorize your CAD files. Our commitment to precision extends to every detail, enabling you to navigate and work with your CAD files seamlessly, ultimately saving time and resources in your design process.

Why Outsource Paper to CAD Conversion to CAD Drafting Team?

Our industry proficiency extends beyond mere conversion; we strategize, innovate, and execute with unparalleled precision. This helps to transform your engineering designs into future-ready assets. Following are some of the unique benefits of partnering with us:

Precision-Driven Expertise

Our seasoned team of CAD specialists meticulously transforms your paper drawings into high-quality CAD files. This ensures every detail is captured, providing you with a digital replica that adheres to the industry standards.

Global Accessibility and Scalability

Seamlessly scale your Paper to CAD Conversion projects up or down based on your business needs. With our diversified team, you gain the advantage of around-the-clock productivity and scalability, ensuring that your deadlines are consistently met.

Data Security Excellence

We prioritize the security of your sensitive design data. Our robust data protection measures, including encryption protocols and secure file transfer methods, guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your project.

Customizable Solutions for Varied Industries

Whether you operate in architecture, engineering, or manufacturing, our customizable solutions adapt to the unique nuances of your projects. With us, you will enjoy a personalized outsourcing experience that optimizes efficiency and delivers CAD conversions tailored to your industry standards.

Try Our Paper to CAD Conversion Excellence

Our relentless pursuit of CAD conversion quality is backed by industry research insights, ensuring that every project benefits from the latest advancements. Your designs aren't just digitized; they are meticulously crafted to meet and exceed contemporary engineering standards.

Connect with us now to improve your engineering documentation, ensure precision, maintain process agility, and create future-ready designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the CAD conversion process typically take?

The duration can be different depending on the size and complexity of your requirements. We understand that time is of essence and strive to provide quick turnaround times.

Are there any file format limitations for CAD conversions?

We, at CAD Drafting Team can support a wide variety of file formats like JPG, DWG, PDF,DXF and more. If you have specific file format that needs to be converted, please let us know and we will accomodate your requirements.

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